Yardi’s AI Footprint Set to Expand

In October, Saxony’s Yardi team traveled to San Diego for the 20thannual Yardi Advanced Solutions Conference (YASC).One of the more interesting topics of conversation? The co-mingling of artificial intelligence and Yardi software.

“There were some interesting conversations around the future of AI and Yardi,” said Jennifer Vinyard, a Yardi services manager at Saxony Partners and one of the YASC attendees. “It was introduced in the opening presentation, and there were several classes on the individual products underneath it. That looks like it could be the wave of the future.”

Indeed, Yardi’s focus appears to be on expanding product and vertical offerings. Vinyard pointed out specific references to big data and the Internet of Things, in addition to AI. These emerging technologies could be a game-changer for Yardi, their clients, and independent Yardi consultants (like Saxony Partners).

AI By Another Name

Yardi leadership has been extolling the potential impacts of AI for some time now. Late last year, the company introduced “Asset Intelligence” as part of their new Elevate Suite. This new tool uses AI and machine learning to reduce risk and boost asset performance through data analysis, analytics, and decision-making assistance. 

Soon after, Kevin Yardi, the company’s vice president of global solutions, wrote that “the future of AI and Machine Learning encompasses a single-platform, mobile-enabled cloud system for managing real estate portfolios in a competitive market.” 

He went on to say that AI could boost asset value, facilitate operational efficiency, and improve customer service “in nearly every facet of commercial real estate.”

IOT in Practice

recent interview with Said Haider, Yardi’s regional director of Middle East sales, goes into greater detail about other emerging technology that Yardi is already leveraging in the marketplace.

For instance, Yardi modules are aligning with so-called Internet of Things (IoT) technology – ubiquitous connectivity that allows for a number of formerly manual functions to be either controlled online or automated. 

Even smart speakers are playing a role in managing Yardi software functions.

“Yardi has launched an integration between its RENTCafe platform and Amazon Alexa to support digital assistance in rental units,” Haider said. “[This] service make it easy for renters to check account balances, pay rent, and submit maintenance requests using only their voice and a smartphone.”

Similar mobile functionality can be found in Yardi Maintenance Mobile and inspection applications.

Saxony’s Yardi Services

Saxony Partners is already planted at the intersection of Yardi software and emerging technology. Saxony is a trusted independent Yardi consultant and works with large and small companies nationwide on all matters related to Yardi software and modules – implementation, upgrades, data strategy, training, reporting, and more. 

Our technology team uses AI, asset intelligence, machine learning, process automation, predictive analytics, application development, user experience, smart speaker skills, and other leading-edge technology to help clients achieve their business goals. 

For more information on Saxony’s Yardi services and the implementation of asset intelligence, click here